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Corona2D Game Development

Corona SDK is a great platform to build high-quality, thrilling and innovative 2D mobile games. It uses a single code-base to publish the applications on all major mobile platforms available in market today. Most importantly, you can simply focus on enhancing the gameplay without needing to worry about platform fragmentation. This way the development costs are reduced considerably. Let’s explore a little more on why Corona SDK is the preferred choice for game development for game developers around the world:

 From audio to networking, it takes care of all the elements.
 2D mobile apps are developed at the lightning speed, thereby allowing for quick development and rapid deployment.
 It supports all major platforms and as such it is easy to develop just once and publish on multiple platforms including iOS, Android (including Android TV), Kindle and Windows Phone 8 using a single codebase.
 It is built on industry standards, including OpenGL, OpenAL, Box2D, Facebook and SQLite.
 The graphics engine, based on OpenGL 2.0 and shaders, allows for thrilling cinematic effects. Moreover, it allows the graphics scalability to render brilliant images.

Looking to hire expert game developers who can transform your ideas into addictive, captivating games? Want to get good returns on your investments and leverage in-app purchases, ad networks and a range of Monetization models that Corona has to offer? Tech Doodles can help. We will help you leverage all these benefits to develop the most enjoyable and interactive games that have equally stunning visuals and engaging story play while making your application a huge success.

Corona App Development India

Tech Doodles is a leading Corona App development companies in India. We bring together creativity, skill and technology to design and develop games for a variety of platforms. Our developers are highly skilled in experienced in Corona 2D app development. Though it is highly recommended for developing enthralling mobile games, it can also be used for developing robust, innovative and highly scalable enterprise applications.
You can always expect the best result when you hire Corona 2D app developer with Tech Doodles. We have a skilled team with great expertise and years of experience in using Corona products to develop applications for several of our clients across many industries. Our Corona developers are proficient in using Corona SDK, Corona Enterprise, CoronaCards, Corona Editor and Composer GUI.

Whether it is creating powerful storyboarding or choosing the delightful textures, vibrant colors or designing engaging, fun characters for your gaming project, our team from Corona 2D game development believes in planning every aspect of your requirement so that we can offer a breath-taking experience to the users.

At Tech Doodles, we offer the following Corona 2D app development services in India:

 Customized applications
 Web based and desktop games
 Mobile games
 Enterprise applications
 E-Commerce applications
 Social networking applications and integration
 Media and entertainment applications
 E-Learning and educational applications
 Porting games across platforms
 QA and Testing

Why choose Tech Doodles for your Corona2D app development projects?
1. High quality gaming apps, in time and within budget
2. A reputed team of Corona developers with latest tools and technology expertise
3. Option to augment your team at affordable prices, now you can hire a dedicated corona developer with flexible engagement models
4. Kick-start your critical projects fast and with confidence.
5. Regular progress updates
6. Excellent support and training

How can we help you?

To learn more about our Mobile and Web based gaming development expertise, please e-mail us at or call us at +91 903 300 8990

Our Gaming Design and Development experts can get in touch with you to discuss your development requirements.