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Reliable, scalable apps delivered on time and on budget

Companies are constantly busy adapting to evolving market conditions. Changing customer’s expectations and explosion of new technologies drive companies to re-assess their requirements and prepare to offer new features and upgrades for their products and services. And they need to deliver the promise within budget and strict timelines to stay ahead of the competition. So what do they do to be agile? Businesses are increasingly turning to agile development practices to help them deliver cost effective and speed to market solutions. Here, the processes are highly collaborative, iterative and focused on swift and repeatable delivery of applications. The development is executed in incremental cycles with a clear emphasis on parallel testing, resulting in quick quality releases.

“What gives us an edge? We believe in total customer orientation. We listen to you and we fully align our strategies to your business vision. We work as your reliable IT outsourcing partner while you focus on building your core-business and new innovation strategies to beat the customer’s expectations ahead of your competition.”

At TechDoodles we believe in continuous innovation and development and we have a large team of business analysts, developers and testers working tirelessly to work on iterations, adding features and improvements to previous builds. Quick iterative releases also encourage the collaboration with the customers for the feedback for continuous improvement. Our development lifecycle is designed to adapt to evolving business requirements and have meaningful milestones, delivering real business value and realistic customer expectations. We are proficient with popular agile methods such as Extreme Programming (XP) and Scrum.

TechDoodles Approach to drive agile development methodology:
  • Feasibility analysis/Requirement gathering: We start with a kick-off meeting and gather information to present a relevant business case to develop the solution.
  • Planning and high-level design: We break the idea further down in to iterative functionalities or features called sprints.
  • Development and Testing: The iterations are converted into working codes and all required features are continually tested for every change that is implemented into the code base. We use test driven development approach.
  • Inspect and Adapt: Our team adapts between development iterations through feedback. This is also called continuous integration. It involves developing a clean build of system many times a day by cycling through requirements, design, code, testing and integrating for each small release/sprint
  • Deployment: When all iterations are complete the team deploys the working code into a production environment after a robust user acceptance testing.


TechDoodles Approach to drive agile development methodology:
  • Enhanced transparency in development and management processes
  • Accelerated speed to market solutions
  • Improved ability to address changing requirements with confidence
  • Development and testing efforts in parallel; to identify and manage potential issues early in the cycle
  • Collaborative framework, allowing for continuous delivery and deployment at the push of the button.